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ADEO is a community of 130,000 leaders with a common ambition: to be useful to the people of the world. 

ADEO Services is one of the entities of ADEO whose role is to support our various companies around the world. To join us is to evolve in a platform company, international, leader and in movement. 

In the context of digital transformation and to pursue our challenge of reinventing our usefulness to the world's inhabitants, our challenge is to build the global habitat platform. 


We are looking for our future Architect Leader of ADEO's sustainable development projects. We are strongly developing our usefulness by doing our business in the most positive way possible in terms of human, environmental and economic impacts. Our information systems must be adapted and transformed to make this sustainable development stakes a reality.

As part of the ADEO group's sustainable development team, you will work on projects at the heart of our positive impacts strategy. 


As a Lead enterprise architect for our positive impacts projects :

  • you are accountable for the design, the modularity and the detailed trajectory definition of the positive impact architecture
  • you are responsible for defining the architecture building block and advising on its digital products choice
  • you ensure by engaging the teams, the compliance with the architecture framework and take architecture decisions when needed to provide a good level of modularity in terms of openness, evolutivity and composability. You support the digital product teams in reducing the debt regarding modularity. Overall debt is reduced, monitored and under-controlled.
  • you ensure that architecture practices, skills, and governance are set up and efficiently, guide business and digital decisions to reach targeted business outcomes of our positive impact projects



  • You will design the entire target business and application architecture required to make our first sustainable development transformation projects a reality. This design is carried out in close collaboration with the sustainable development team and also with the architects of our commerce, offers, supply chain and finance platforms.
  • You guide the choice of solutions, the make or buy strategy for each component of the defined architecture
  • You identify the major impacts on our business and application environments and define the first implementation trajectories
  • You communicate and follow up on the implementation projects of the first steps of the defined architecture in order to guarantee the relevance of the architecture until its production launch
  • Among the first operational topics to be addressed, here are some examples : Carbon at the product reference, Circular Economy, 2nde life, Waste management & valorization



 You have a strong enterprise architecture experience : 

  • you have at least 10+ years experience as an digital/Enterprise architect and have worked in a retail environment for several years
  • you are at ease with IS architecture patterns, event-driven architecture, Domain Driven Design (DDD) (MUST HAVE)
  • you have already been part of a development team that has implemented a micro-services oriented architecture

 You are a leader, inspiring a vision spirit that knows how to project the technological shift within the company. As such you have:

  • demonstrated a strong capability to lead architecture work in a complex environment 
  • a recognized talent of pedagogy and synthesis. You are recognized for your communications skills whatever the profile (business or digital) of your interlocutor
  • a strong capability to animate workshops with both business & digital data teams, in a transversal mode. 

 You are capable of working with international teams all over the world :

  • you feel at ease working with different teams in an international context and sharing best practices
  • your level of English enables you to be at ease in any situation


  • You have skills or advanced knowledge of event-storming techniques
  • You have been trained in TOGAF 9
  • You have closely followed the evolution of Open Agile Architecture

Do you recognise yourself in this description and have the proposed missions aroused your curiosity? Then don't hesitate!

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